Financial Emergency Declared By Michigan's Highland Park Schools

Friday, January 6, 2012

Although the Highland Park School District has been working hard the past year to turn around a dismal money situation, a team has just declared a financial emergency.

And they say the only way to stop that financial freefall, is to bring in an emergency manager.

"Too many problems going on in these schools," said James Napier Gibson. "You got holes in the roofs, (and) no tissue in the bathrooms."

Gibson's 13 year-old child is a student in the district, and he knows all to well how bleak the situation is. He isn't convinced an emergency manger is the answer."It's bad enough we don't have the school supplies and everything else," Gibson told Fox 2's Taryn Asher. "And from what I hear, getting an emergency manger just makes things more complicated."

But how much tougher can it get?

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