Florence (Ariz.) Schools Fight Bullying Battle

Thursday, October 20, 2011

There’s nothing new about the issue of bullies in school. It’s a problem that’s been around since the days of one-room schoolhouses.

The only difference is now, with access to social media, the bullies have more weapons in their arsenal. Over the last year, the Florence Unified School District has taken steps to beef up its own anti-bullying policy. One year ago, Rachel Courtright, a Florence district parent from San Tan Valley, told the district’s Governing Board on Oct. 12, “I came before you and implored you to take a look at existing policies in regard to bullying. I asked you to make it better for our kids.

“Little did I know, there was one woman in the audience that would listen to my plea, and that she would take up the task with a passion. As an advocate for children, I have a distinct ability for seeing true heroes for putting the needs of children before those of him or herself.”

Courtright was referring to Tracy Mulvaney, the district’s director of alternative education, who headed a committee to update, revise and strengthen the anti-bullying policy.

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