Florida Board of Education Approves New FCAT Passing Scores

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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The state Board of Education approved a new set of passing scores for Florida’s standardized test on Monday designed to ensure students are ready for college, but which could also have the effect of more students failing.

The board voted unanimously in favor of the new scores for the revised Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test in math and reading during a conference call. Under the new scores, the percentage of students not earning a high enough score to advance to the fourth grade or graduate from high school is likely to increase.

According to state estimates, the number of students not passing the third grade FCAT reading exam — required in order to advance to the fourth grade — would rise from 16 to 18 percent. Meanwhile, the number earning a high enough score to pass the 10th grade exam, required to graduate, is slated to decline from 60 to 52 percent.

Brevard Superintendent Brian Binggeli had joined fellow superintendents across the state in voicing concern about the proposed changes, but he also said that if enacted, Brevard would be ready.

It’s still unclear what effect raising the bar will have on Brevard’s students.

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