Florida charter school forced to close after two Fs

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Thursday, September 19, 2013

A Broward County charter school that received two F grades in a row must close, the State Board of Education decided Tuesday, leaving parents of 249 children scrambling to find a new school.

The Kathleen C. Wright Leadership Academy, a two-year-old school in Tamarac, appealed a state law that requires charter schools to be automatically closed after a second consecutive F. Schools can ask the state to stay open if they can show student achievement is better than other schools in the area.

School chairman Anthony Wright said that while K.C. Wright's achievement was below nearby Tamarac schools, most of its students come from Fort Lauderdale. And 79 percent of those students would be attending a D- or F-rated school.

His school showed more improvement than other schools, even though it wasn't enough to raise it above an F, Wright said. He said the school would have gotten a D had three more students been proficient.

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