Florida school district opts out of opting out of state tests

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Board members in Florida’s Lee County School District on Tuesday backtracked on their unprecedented decision to opt out of state standardized tests for the coming school year, less than a week after the initial decision. As states grapple with tying high-stakes consequences to unfamiliar standardized tests aligned with the Common Core standards, there is a growing push to reduce both the frequency and the gravity of the exams.

One board member, Mary Fischer, changed her vote on Tuesday, after calling for a special meeting just two days after board members voted to opt out of the state-mandated tests.

“I have decided to rescind my vote for a variety of reasons, Fischer said, according to The News-Press. “The vote from Aug. 27 for immediate opt out of all state-mandated, standardized testing has multiple consequences, which are not in the best interest of our students … The kids have been my life’s work, which is why I am calling for reconsideration.”

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