Florida School District Ranking Unveiled

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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

In the best showing in South Florida, the Monroe County school district ranked eighth in the list of 67 school districts in a ranking released on Monday by the Florida Department of Education.

Miami-Dade came in 37th and Broward was 26th.

The district-by-district ranking is the first phase of an initiative that will soon include a list of all of the schools in the state ranked by number within the three main school groupings: elementary, middle and high school.

The goal of the ranking is to make it easier for parents to assess school district performance.

The numerical ranking is based on each school’s total points derived from FCAT scores. The total is the sum of scores for reading, math, science and writing; learning gains in reading and math; and scores for learning gains in reading and math among the lowest 25 percent of students in each school. The school district ranking is determined by the school grade points they earned based on the assessment scores of all students in the district that were enrolled for the full year.

“Monroe County deserves congratulations for this accomplishment,” said Florida Education Commissioner Gerard Robinson. “Ranking in the top ten takes commitment, hard work and collaboration not only from those within the educational setting; it takes the support of the entire community.”

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