Florida's Star Children's Group; Smith III Is Tackling Worldwide Issues In Their Music

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Friday, January 4, 2013

The craze has began! Billboard Magazine dubbed Smith III New Faces of Pop, Hip Hop & Rap Music. But Smith III is more than just young cute recording artist/musicians; they are three musically talented siblings from Florida, whose music is giving voices to children across the world speaking about issues that affect their lives and the people around them. They are inspiring children to work hard, never give up with their music, and to take action now. Some of the issues Smith III sings about include bullying, abuse, human trafficking, hunger, pollution, and life with one parent, war, freedom, and education.

Some may say the members of Smith III are too young Jalyka Smith age 11, Dalyk Smith age 9, and Alyk Smith age 6 to become musicians; but it's their passion and their determination for music and helping people fuel their drive everyday. When no one believed in them, they had faith in each other. Jalyka said they sold candies and snacks to the neighborhood children to save for their album and are currently going door to door to sell their CDs and spread their positive message.

Smith III upcoming album Diamond In A Rock is set to release on 01.30.13 suggest everyone is a Diamond and it takes the right nurturing to develop the diamond out of the rock. Song titles which include "If that's the way it is", "Born to shine", "Speak Out", "Won't let you break me", "Put A Stamp On It", and "Diamond in a Rock". Smith III, as philanthropists are requesting that proceeds from their album go to University Learning Center, helping children to get a better start to great education.

Haven't order the album yet or here their music now here is your chance! Be a part of Smith III's movement! Smith III is the exciting new artist now and the next generation visit www.thesmithiii.com or email: drlydia@live.com.

Smith III New Single Won't Let You Break Me is fighting against bullying. http://www.vevo.com/watch/smith-iii/wont-let-you-break-me/QMP7P1300011 or http://youtu.be/1JDk5OJZwwU