Focus on what matters in Philadelphia schools

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

These are fears shared by educators, parents, and students alike, and they are fears based on a stark reality: Our schools were insufficiently staffed in June, and these conditions will only worsen in the fall without much-needed funding.

As of now, when schools open on Sept. 9, students can expect a return to overcrowded classrooms and split grades; a shocking lack of guidance counselors (none at schools with fewer than 600 students); one school nurse for every 1,500 students; no money for books and supplies; and no librarians.

These are the issues weighing heavily on the minds of PFT members, and are no doubt the primary concerns of parents and students. The PFT's desire to prevent this unprecedented set of circumstances prompted Wednesday's announcement. Although the city's educators are not responsible for our district's deficit, we all want to contribute to a solution for our schoolchildren.

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