Forgot your homework? Mom can't bring it to school in Summit (N.J.) anymore

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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Did your son forget his lunch? Come September, if you're a parent in Summit, you won’t be permitted to drop if off for him. Instead he’ll get an IOU and eat the school lunch. In fact, there will be no more unannounced visits to the schools.

Parents of Summit school children received that news in an email sent mid-afternoon on Friday, July 19. The reasons for these changes are “the responsibility to put the safety of our students foremost,” the letter said.

The restriction is intended to change “the day-to-day culture in Summit” and to increase the security of students and staff, according to the letter. “One such policy is the ability for parents to come and go, unannounced, in and out of the schools, for a variety of reasons throughout the day,” the letter from Superintendent of Schools Nathan Parker states.

Those unannounced visits include visits to drop off forgotten lunches, homework, musical instruments and athletic equipment.

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