Former Philly Chief's Staff Could Get Unemployment

Friday, December 2, 2011

Fox 29 viewers were shocked when we first reported former Philadelphia schools chief Arlene Ackerman filed for unemployment despite a $1 million buyout from taxpayers.

But what about Ackerman's former, highly paid publicity staff that she brought into Philadelphia? has obtained the separation agreements for Jamilah Fraser, Shana Kemp and Elizabeth Childs and as part of their deals to leave the Philadelphia school district with Ackerman, they can also collect unemployment.

Ackerman left the school district in August 2011 after a three-year stay that saw rising test scores accompanied by a $629 budget deficit, a cheating scandal and frayed relationships with city council and Mayor Michael Nutter.

The deals for the PR team say the three women were "laid off" by the school district, which would entitle them to collect unemployment compensation. The district also agreed to not oppose such efforts.

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