Fort Worth council votes to allow alcohol sales next to schools in four areas

Lauren Williams's picture
Thursday, June 6, 2013

Businesses that want to sell alcoholic beverages near schools and public hospitals in mixed-use zoning in downtown, Trinity Uptown, the Near South Side, and the West 7th Urban Village can now do so under an ordinance change approved by the City Council Tuesday night.

The change eliminates the 300-foot buffer between schools and businesses that sell alcohol in the four mixed-use-zoned areas.

Alcohol sales would be allowed within 300 feet of public and private schools and public hospitals in mixed-use zoning in those areas. Elsewhere in the city, businesses wanting to sell alcohol within that buffer in mixed-use zoning have to seek a variance from the City Council.

The council had asked the staff for the ordinance change because it has typically granted variances in recent cases. The impending move of Fort Worth’s Young Women’s Leadership Academy to mixed-use zoning downtown from the same sort of area on West Magnolia Avenue was a new situation that prompted the review.


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