Four Jersey City Charter Schools File Petition Demanding Full Funding

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Four Jersey City-based charter schools filed petition Tuesday requesting that Acting Commissioner of Education Chris Cerf issue a ruling declaring, among other things, that the city's charter schools are not being properly funded as required by the New Jersey Constitution and state statutes.

The 29-page petition states, "the Jersey City Board of Education is required to pass along to Jersey City charter schools 90 percent per pupil enrolled in the charter school of the Adjustment Aid received by Jersey City district schools."

In other words, charter schools are supposed to receive 90 percent of the per student cost allocated to students in regular public schools. But charter schools in Jersey City sometimes receive as little as 50 percent of the per student costs allocated to other public school students, the schools claim.

Attorneys for the four petitioners - Ethical Community Charter School, Community Charter School, Soaring Heights Charter School, and Golden Door Charter School - point to last year's school funding formulas as evidence that the charters are being short changed.

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