Free Training Series Creates Personalized Learning for Students with Special Needs

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Wednesday, October 31, 2012
Atomic Learning and Crick Software have partnered to offer free training tutorials on the basics of Clicker 6, Crick Software’s literacy tool to support the reading and writing skills of students.

In this online training collection, viewers start by learning the basic features of Clicker. Educators gain the knowledge needed to manage the software features by modifying the user preferences, and can learn how to create personalized, curriculum-specific activities in seconds.
To access the free training visit the Clicker 6 for PC series:
About Atomic Learning 
Through a partnership with Atomic Learning, schools can provide teachers, staff, students, and parents with Atomic Learning’s professional development resources that focus on tech integration. The Atomic Learning suite of products is designed to provide a comprehensive framework to bring technology and curriculum together, through targeted solutions for specific initiatives, such as mobile or Common Core. To learn more about Atomic Learning’s solution, visit
About Crick Software
Crick Software develops innovative educational software for students of all ages and abilities. Clicker 6 is the best ever version of this much-loved educational software, and can be used to support students across the curriculum. The program includes supports such as speech feedback, word prediction, word banks, and access to hundreds of free activities that can be instantly downloaded for use with students. To learn more, visit