Fujitsu, MIT announce breakthrough on online learning platform

Lauren Williams's picture
Friday, June 21, 2013

Fujitsu Laboratories of America Inc. and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) announced on June 17 the joint development of a personalized learning platform to enhance the effectiveness of online learning.

The new platform takes the same personalization features currently found in search engines and e-commerce sites and applies them in the field of education.

Using navigation technology that can organize a massive volume of online learning materials into multi-layer topics, the platform makes it possible for students to navigate 100,000s of learning materials. In addition, by developing learning behavior simulation technology based on an advanced probabilistic learner model, it is possible to predict learning outcomes through simulations, a major problem faced by learning system providers.

Fujitsu Laboratories of America and MIT will proceed on deploying the technology, applying it to the large-scale online learning systems used by colleges and enterprises.