Ga. Tightens High School Football Rules

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

New rules now in place in at Georgia high schools will affect every summer football practice.

The policies implemented by the Georgia High School Association are designed to combat heat related deaths following the deaths of two high school players last August. A startling 70 percent of all high school students showing up for football practice are already dehydrated before they even reach the field.

There are statistics from a new study that are leading to sweeping statewide changes in Georgia regarding the start time of sports practices, the number of practices, and the number of necessary breaks. "They found that in the south and especially the southeastern part of the state, that we have more vulnerability," said Ralph Swearengin with GHSA. "People used to laugh and joke about the difference between dry heat and wet heat. Even though places like Texas and other places have high heat, they don't have quite the same high humidity."

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