Gap Family Invests in Fund to Launch 25 Calif. Schools

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A San Francisco nonprofit plans to announce a $25 million fund Monday to create Bay Area schools focused on "blended learning," the concept of coupling traditional teaching with online resources to improve student performance.

By 2018, Silicon Schools Fund Chief Executive Brian Greenberg hopes to provide seed capital for up to 25 new or redesigned local schools. The group has raised half of the fund so far, including $5 million from the Fisher family, owners of Gap Inc.

"Being surrounded by Silicon Valley and seeing how technology has transformed our lives, I became intrigued by what technology could do in the area of education," said John Fisher, son of Gap founder Don Fisher and part owner of the Oakland Athletics. "As we think about the positive impact that technology has had in so many other areas of society, it seems like the opportunity in education should be very promising."

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