Geography Lessons Make a World of Difference in Education

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A new nationwide survey finds overwhelming public support for geography at all levels of education and recognizes the discipline’s value in government and business. The results indicate:

• Americans want more geography education to be offered in schools, colleges and universities throughout the United States. Approximately nine out of 10 respondents wish they themselves had more geographic education and nearly all want more for their children. To meet this need, respondents favored offering geography courses at every education level, from elementary school to doctoral programs in the most elite universities. And they insist instructors should have formal training in geography.

• Americans recognize the importance of geography in today’s society. A very high proportion of respondents said they use geographic knowledge and skills in their everyday lives. They repeatedly demonstrated that they use geographic concepts and spatial thinking when engaging with the world around them on matters local to global. Respondents correctly identified professions and government agencies in which geography and its skills would be highly useful.

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