Georgia school district mulls buying assault rifles

Lauren Williams's picture
Thursday, October 3, 2013

A north Georgia school district is deciding whether to have small assault-weapon armories in its schools to be ready for a gunman attack.

Many Americans, of course, remain deeply disturbed about the prospect of arming school officials, and some studies have shown that armed school guards don’t necessarily prevent or de-escalate school shootings. Yet what would have just a few years ago been a shocking plan to store semiautomatic assault carbines in the front office is now being considered seriously.

“These incidents constitute a minuscule fraction of overall homicides, but they horrify us more because we have this feeling that this can happen anywhere for no particular reason, and where no recognized set of precautions will stop it,” says law professor Bob Cottrol, a gun policy expert at George Washington University. “So everybody is looking around for potential solutions.”

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