Georgia Wants to Make High School More Like College

Monday, September 19, 2011

ATLANTA (AP) ? Georgia wants to overhaul its high school curriculum, making it more like college with courses tailored to what students want to do after they graduate.

Under the proposed plan, students would choose a "career cluster" that would lead them through the classes they need to either go on to a two-year or four-year college or to go straight into a job. The plan ? which is expected to be taken up by the state Board of Education sometime this fall ? would unravel the single-track approach instituted by former state schools Superintendent Kathy Cox that assumed every student was going to college.

It's part of a campaign promise by current state schools chief John Barge, who said the state was forcing some students to drop out of school because they are frustrated with classes they don't find relevant to what they want to do after high school. And students should be thinking about their careers before they head off to a pricey four-year university or get stuck in a job they end up hating, he said.

"We can do a much better job preparing students for post-secondary," Barge said. "Any parent will tell you that college is the most expensive career development."

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