Give Charter Schools a Chance to Learn, Grow

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Before moving our family back to central Maine, my husband and I began the search for quality elementary school options for our children. In our community where we used to live, we were fortunate to have an abundance of public charter school options. As a former teacher, I appreciated the innovative curriculums and hands-on experiential learning opportunities that many of the charter school alternatives offered.

Thus began our journey to Cornville Regional Charter School.

Two years ago, Maine became the 41st state to make public charter schools an option for parents and students. After years of researching the issue and extracting best practices from other states, our legislators came together in bipartisan fashion to pass one of the most comprehensive pieces of charter school legislation in the country.

The passage proved to be a resounding success, earning Maine the No. 2 ranking by the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools. Today, two public charter schools are up and running in the state, with a handful more set to open in the fall.

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