Google smartly reaches out to girls

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

High tech is a man’s world. But Google wisely recognizes that the gender gap in tech begins at a very young age. That’s why the tech giant launched a $50 million campaign to send young girls a key message: Your smartphone, your apps, and games you love such as Candy Crush and Farm Heroes are all made with code and you can learn how to write them, too.

Gender imbalance at Silicon Valley’s startups, venture capital firms, and big Web players is staggering. Google recently disclosed that only 17 percent of its tech staff are women, while the figure at both Yahoo and Facebook is no better: Their tech workforce is 15 percent female. Google’s own research identified the two top reasons why women don’t get into computer science: lack of encouragement and exposure. Thirty years ago, 37 percent of all computer science bachelor’s degrees went to women, but today that percentage has dropped to 12. Google’s initiative, called Made with Code, aims to introduce girls to computer programming via fun and easy coding projects online, through partnerships with entities like MIT Media Lab and TechCrunch, and by supporting established programs such as Girls Who Code.

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