Gov. Brown's Tax Proposal to Aid K12 Schools Enjoys Support in Poll

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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A strong majority of Californians support Gov. Jerry Brown's plan to raise the sales tax and income taxes on high earners to help close the state's budget deficit, according to a new Public Policy Institute of California poll.

The poll - an early measurement of a proposal that has far to go until voters can weigh in in November - found that 65 percent of all adults surveyed support his plan, which would increase the sales tax by a half cent and raise taxes on high-income earners, starting with individuals who make more than $250,000 per year.

The poll also found deep concern among state voters about further cuts to K-12 public education and that Californians see their local government services as significantly impacted by multiple years of state budget cuts as lawmakers and the governor have struggled to balance the budget.

These findings come as the Brown administration will announce today what automatic midyear budget cuts will be implemented.

As part of the state budget deal signed earlier this year, automatic cuts that could total $2 billion would be implemented if tax revenues roll in at a lower level than anticipated.

The Legislative Analyst's Office projected last month that revenues would fall billions short and require automatic cuts, with most of that impacting K-12 public schools, higher education and some social services.

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