Governor’s Order Overhauls Career, Technical Education in Kentucky

Lauren Williams's picture
Thursday, August 30, 2012

In a move to help produce the skilled workforce businesses require today and in the future, Gov. Steve Beshear on Tuesday signed an executive order that will overhaul the state’s career and technical education (CTE) system.

The order unites the state’s two CTE systems under the guidance of Kentucky’s Department of Education. The goal is to create a unified, more relevant and efficient system to educate and prepare students for the world of work in a real-life setting.

“It is our responsibility to prepare students for higher education as well as for the workplace,” Beshear said. “Today’s employers require a workforce that is skilled, adaptable and equipped to compete in the global marketplace. Our students need an education system that provides job-training and learning opportunities that will put them on a career pathway. Transforming and elevating CTE is essential to this process. We must create a career and technical education system that is a first choice, not a last chance.”

The executive order is part of a larger effort to prepare students for a wider range of career options through high-quality CTE programs. Educators, businesses and administrators across the state are working together to make these programs more accessible earlier, more academically rigorous and better aligned with postsecondary requirements and employer needs.

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