Greenwich (Conn.) Schools' Digital Reliability Is the 'Worst'

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The lack of reliable digital capabilities in Greenwich Public Schools is creating more work for teachers in a system that a district consultant has described as one of the "worst" it has seen.

The Greenwich Board of Education is pulling back on its original push for a 1 to 1 digital learning environment, which called for an expenditure of more than $1.1 million for 5,264 devices and professional learning for all teachers in year 1 and an additional 4,400 devices in year 2.

The modification comes as a result of the release of the nearly 300-page The Pearson Report, which was discussed at the board work session last Thursday during the Digital Learning Environment Presentation. Schools Superintendent William McKersie revealed that the consultant called Greenwich's system one of the "worst" they have seen in "a high-priced district" citing poor Internet connectivity, weaknesses in network infrastructure, inconsistent use of applications and overall lax standards.

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