Guess how Baltimore City Schools spent federal stimulus money?

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Dinner cruises. Fried chicken and biscuits. Theater performances. A mother/daughter makeover. Such were activities that Baltimore City Schools spent using federal stimulus and Title I funds, a federal audit discovered.

WJZ13 spoke to Baltimore City Schools CEO Andres Alonso; he downplayed the “errors.”

“Anytime there’s an audit of Title I dollars, you’re going to see errors at the school level because schools spend money for what they need, and then sometimes they worry about if it fits the parameter of the grant later,” Alonso said.

“We’re talking $15 million out of $112 million, and what we see are school events to engage parents, but when the auditors came to look at it they said, ‘Wait a second. This should have been paid out of general funds, rather than Title I,” said Alonso.

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