Guest Commentary: Education Will Rule 2012 Colo. Agenda

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Monday, January 23, 2012

A plethora of educational issues will dominate the Colorado political landscape in 2012. Most of them will produce conflict due to competition for limited resources and, in particular, participants with dramatically different educational philosophies.

Disagreements concerning levels and distribution of public education funding, and support and opposition to K-12 education reform, go to core values among community opinion leaders, education stakeholders and the public at large.

Given that the first issue slated for consideration in the 2012 legislative session will be K-12 appropriations, the battle will begin quickly, with the advantage going to the pro-spending position.

• State K-12 education funding has been cut during the recession and the clamor to restore funding is loud. Periodically, some Republican will gain momentary notice with a statement that more money is not the answer to K-12 effectiveness, but few will notice.

• Voters weighed in on the November 2011 ballot and basically reaffirmed their general preference for no increase in state taxes, including, or specifically, for K-12 education.


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