Have Schools Been Co-opted by Liberal Agenda?

Monday, March 18, 2013

The issue of school choice runs much deeper than it would at first appear. It is in response to the political monopoly of our educational system created by our government and funded mostly by forced taxation of our citizens.

Political monopolies are the most dangerous systems allowed to our governmental entities and should only be set up when there exist overriding issues relative to the public good. However, when implemented, it must be done with a clear and impenetrable firewall against any partisan political influence exerted inside of them. Otherwise the government is, in effect, using tax dollars of one group to support a political agenda of another group. This is clearly wrong.

Our K-12 educational community has long since breached that firewall. In fact our educational system is full of liberal political philosophies which include gender studies, feminism, sex education, acceptance of the homosexuality lifestyle, revisionist history, the neglect to explain the part that Christianity played in the founding of our country and the creation of our Constitution, and the unabashed promotion of “global warming,” which is a speculative and unproven conjecture to name a few.

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