Hawaii First State At Risk of Losing Education Money

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Friday, December 23, 2011

The Hawaii Department of Education is struggling to make the grade and now the state has been warned it could lose $75 million in federal funding as a result.

Hawaii is one of 10 states in line to get millions of dollars for education and the state has to speed up its new policy plans if it wants to keep the money.  Slow progress and missed milestones are a couple reasons why the state was put on high risk status for the Race to the Top money.

"Because of Hawaii's unsatisfactory performance during the first 14 months of the grant, we are placing Hawaii's race to the top grant on high-risk status," wrote Ann Whalen, U.S. Department of Education Policy and Program Implementation Director, in a letter to Governor Neil Abercrombie.

"The State has not demonstrated adequate progress implementing its approved plans," wrote Whalen.  "The Department is concerned about the State's ability to fulfill its commitments within the grant period."

"They are really trying to send a statement out not only to us but to all the race states that they are going to take those timelines very seriously," said Kathryn Matayoshi, State Superintendent. "Their comment to us is that they are not looking for us to fail. They are looking for us to succeed but they want us to know they are serious about their deadlines."

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