Hemet school district (Calif.) rezoning: Parents upset about moving kids

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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Some parents in Hemet are upset over plans to switch their children out of a nearby high-performing school to a lower-ranked school farther away.

Several years ago, the Hemet Unified School District re-drew some of its boundaries because of budget cuts, which meant about 100 kids who would have gone to Winchester Elementary, instead went to Harmony Elementary.

But because of a new state law that, in part, requires smaller class sizes, about 100 kids will now have to leave Harmony and move back to Winchester. One way the district is talking about doing this is changing the boundaries back to the way they were before.

"How can they continue bouncing them back and forth and playing with their emotions like that?" said Cynthia Juarez, one of many parents upset that her child may have to leave one of the highest performing schools in the district and move to one of the lowest. "We're one of the better schools in Hemet. We're one of the only schools that aren't on academic probation, so of course everyone wants to come here."

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