High Schools of the Future Will Be Transformed by Technology

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

This year's high school graduates will barely recognize the high schools that those born this year will attend, as technology dramatically transforms education in the next decade.

Technology already helps students learn more and better, and makes their learning more relevant to the changing needs of families and the economy.

The Washington Post named 3D printing one of the tech trends to watch in 2013. These devices "print" objects designed on computers using plastic resin. Such new technologies may transform our futures as much as the microcomputer revolution did starting 35 years ago. Manufacturing may return to the United States, even to our personal garages with do-it-yourself tools unleashing untold creativity.

Local firms already use 3D printing to prototype new product ideas. Locally, Tustin High School has been teaching students 3D printing for several years as a tool to teach engineering and manufacturing with hands-on experience. We need to expand such offerings to enable every motivated student such opportunities.

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