Hold Texas schools to a higher standard

Monday, August 18, 2014

The Texas Education Agency believes that the vast majority of our campuses, around 85 percent, are "meeting standards." A little under 9 percent aren't "meeting standards," or as the TEA would put it, "require improvement." So, are the standards really being met? Are "successful" students truly successful?

Schools are certainly not meeting the standards of employers. At least 60 percent of the jobs being created now require some kind of post-secondary degree or certificate. If a student is not career- or college-ready when they graduate high school, that means they are not ready to begin the post-secondary training needed to get one of those jobs

High school should be about graduating students who are ready to enter college or the workforce. Only 75 percent of ninth-graders graduate in four years, and only 25 percent of them are ready for a good job or college. As the economy evolves, this is catastrophic for our state and our children.

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