Hoover High School Launches eBook Library

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Friday, August 10, 2012

Students at Hoover High School will have a powerful new resource at their disposal when classes resume later this month.

The school has partnered with OverDrive, the leading distributor of eBooks and audiobooks to libraries and schools around the world, to launch a digital library for students and teachers.

Hoover High School’s digital library supplements its existing print collection with a selection of popular and educational eBooks and audiobooks accessible on all major eReading devices, including Kindle®, Nook™, iPhone®, iPad®, Windows® and Mac®.

Hoover High School librarian Sonya Jordan has high hopes for the school's OverDrive service, which is on track to launch when classes resume on August 20. "This will help us reach students who've been using eReaders for years and who've fallen in love with their devices," says Jordan. "As it is, we'll have teachers assign a book in class, and the students will say, 'I'll just buy that on my Kindle.' Now, we'll be able to engage those types of students with the school library."

Jordan expects that the digital collection will be a hit with students and cause circulation to rise. "So far, the students who have caught wind that we'll be offering eBooks have been really excited," she says. "We feel we'll see a boost in circulation when students start using OverDrive. Our students are so involved in extracurriculars and volunteer work, a lot of them don't have time to stop in the library. This allows students to benefit from library resources without actually coming in to the facility—though, when they do come in, we're here to help them!"

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