How Can We Develop Tech-Savvy Teachers?

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Many school administrators classify teacher technology users into two categories: those who use technology and those who don’t.  As a former principal who worked hard to encourage teachers to integrate technology into instruction, I can definitely see where some administrators would divide the technology integration line right down the middle. While this school of thought is logical, after having worked with and trained hundreds of teachers and administrators on integrating technology into instruction, I have found that there are generally three categories of technology teachers. I refer to them as, Digital Rock Stars (Digi-Stars), Digital Groupies (Digi-Groupies)and Digital Phobes (Digi-Phobes).

To develop a culture where these three categories of teachers embrace using technology in everyday instruction, it is important to understand the dynamics of teacher skill set and efficacy in terms of technology integration.  For example, when school districts implement new technology initiatives such as “Bring Your Own Technology”, in this instance, Digi-Stars will more than likely be the tech-savvy go-getters who are unafraid of implementing the new initiative, whereas Digi-Groupies may have an interest in implementing the new initiative, but may not have the skill-set to be proficient at the time of implementation. These teachers often look to Digi-Stars for support. Digi-Phobes tend to shy away from integrating technology for various reasons. The good news is, in many cases when Digi-Groupies and Digi-Phobes are shown a technology tool that is easy to use and relevant to what they are teaching, they often put forth the effort.

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