How to improve Boston schools

Friday, August 9, 2013

In Boston, we have the chance of a lifetime. As we laud Mayor Tom Menino and retired School Superintendent Carol Johnson for the progress they’ve made for Boston students, we have the opportunity, with new leadership and a strong foundation, to renovate our school system into one that builds on this foundation and ensures every child graduates prepared for college, career and life.

While our graduation rate has improved, the reality is for incoming ninth graders, less than one in five will achieve any form of post-secondary success. We have a readiness problem in Boston, and we can’t fix it by fine-tuning the 19th century, industrial-era school system we currently have. Much like renovating a house, it takes more than just plastering over an aging structure. We must strip down to the load-bearing walls and assess the needs and abilities of our students — then design the new system around them.

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