Hulbert (Okla.) Schools Resurrect Music Program

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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Students and staff at Hulbert Public Schools have given new life to a long-lost music program, and community support is soaring.

“We’ve heard so many people say that the spirit of Hulbert has really gotten better because we’ve got a music program now,” said HPS choir student Trico Blue, a junior.

Music programs like the choir offer a whole new experience, even for students familiar with music and instruments.

“I sing at church. I’ve done other choirs and everything, but as far as at school, it’s different,” said Trico. “I really wanted to try it out, because you’re with friends. You can be more relaxed with your friends.”

David Brown, a first-year teacher leading the band and choir resurrection at Hulbert, was given $23,000 over the summer to kick-start the program.

“I like that I didn’t have to walk into something that someone had messed up. It’s fresh – I can make it what I want to make it, and I have a lot more freedom than most band directors have, because I have the full backing from the administration,” said Brown. “It’s great to have that support, and I like that there’s such a positive feeling from the community about it. It’s not a dull ‘Oh, here come the band,’ it’s, ‘Here comes the band!’”

Ten high-school students are part of the choir, and 15 are in the band program. A seventh- and eighth-grade beginners band has a combined 45 students.

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