Huntsville City (Ala.) Schools to offer students cash for ACT success

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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Huntsville City School Board members voted unanimously Tuesday night to offer a cash incentive to students who reach the benchmark scores on their ACTs.

It is a move meant to inspire students to apply themselves, while ensuring the district maintains an academic edge in the state.

“The ACT is important. It’s important for our kids but they may not all realize it because they’re taking it junior year, or some may not think they’re going to college or want to have that test under their belt for when they do choose to go to college,” explained Superintendent Casey Wardynski.

For every component of the test the students reach a benchmark score on, the school will pay the student $50. If the student achieves an overall score of 22 or higher, they’ll get an extra $100.

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