ifocus joins forces with national PTA to support child success

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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

With a commitment to developing programs and partnerships that benefit children and bring valuable resources to parents and members, Focus Education makers of ifocus, announced today that the company is now an official National PTA Member Benefits Provider (MBP). ifocus is a unique attention-training system for children ages 6 to 12 that significantly improves attention, focus, and memory through a fun computer game called “Jungle Rangers.”

This alliance supports the mission of both the National PTA and Focus Education to help every child reach their full potential—an undertaking that is becoming more and more challenging in a world that presents myriad new distractions to kids every day. Computers, television, video games and other screen media were once considered to be some of these “distractions” that interfere with a student’s attention in the classroom and at home. However, new research is determining that children who are born in a digital world are inherent digital learners.

“National PTA encourages the success of all children. We applaud the Focus team for their commitment to helping children improve their attention and are pleased that Focus has chosen to support the millions of PTA members with unique opportunities and benefits available exclusively through this relationship,” said National PTA President, Betsy Landers.

“68% of children over two years old use some sort of screen-media for more than two hours a day, and 70% of four to six year olds in the US have used a computer; it’s no secret that our kids are spending an increased amount of time with digital media,” Michael Apstein, CEO and Co-Founder of Focus Education describes, “ifocus was developed with a proactive approach to these recent trends—if children are born with a desire to consume screen media, why not make it beneficial to their success?”

This philosophy of “guilt-free gaming” guided a leaders-in-their-field team to create not only a state-of-the-art computer game, but also a holistic support program incorporating behavior, food and fitness: the ifocus system. Twenty years of extensive cognitive-training research and the proven science of working memory provided a foundation for development and assessment of Jungle Rangers—the core of ifocus. Award-winning game designers transformed these typically boring attention-training “tasks” into exciting and challenging cognitive-training games. The result? –A comprehensive, laboratory-tested program proven to increase attention, focus and memory in elementary school age children.

Through the ifocus alliance with National PTA as a Member Benefits Provider, PTA members and schools will reap the benefits of an exclusive fundraising opportunity, “The Jungle Rangers Challenge,” and special pricing on the ifocussystem, with a significant percentage of each unit purchase donated to their participating local PTA. The alliance between ifocus and National PTA is kicking-off at the National PTA Convention June 20-23 in Cincinnati, Ohio. Attendees will have the chance to experience ifocus and play The Jungle Rangers Challenge hands-on at the ifocusexhibit.

"We created ifocus because it appealed to us as dads -- a real way to help children succeed, by building a very basic skill -- attention -- which every child, every adult, everyone needs to perform at their best,” Apstein continued, “to have the National PTA welcome ifocus into their small, select group of Member Benefits Providers is a great opportunity. We want parents, like us, to feel great about choosing ifocus when they know other parents and teachers have said it works!"

About Focus Education

Focus Education is a collaboration of scientists, researchers and doctors who share a common vision: to use the best science and technology to help children achieve their greatest potential. The company was founded by Michael Apstein and John Able, two business professionals and dads who are committed to bringing the most up-to-date tools and resources to other parents to help children succeed. For more information visit www.focuseducation.com