Ill. School Districts Offering Big Bucks to Attract Top Candidates

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Monday, May 21, 2012

Students, parents, residents and employees of the Oswego School District had the opportunity to weigh in on a few aspects of the superintendent search.

In a questionnaire they said they wanted someone with a vision for the district, someone cooperative, who always puts kids first. A doctorate, respondents said, was not nearly as important as someone with experience running a similarly sized school district.

But those parents, residents and employees didn’t get to weigh in on another aspect of the superintendent search — the $235,000 salary proposed for the position.

That proposal, included on postings for the job, represents an 8.5 percent increase over current Superintendent Dan O’Donnell’s pay, and it is representative of superintendents around the area who are commanding higher salary and benefit packages, despite shrinking school budgets.

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