Illinois bills aim to base school discipline on conduct instead of skin color

Monday, May 12, 2014

Between elementary school and high school, Tanue David was suspended about 10 times. He said he doesn't recall the exact number, but his infractions ranged from mouthing off to teachers to cutting classes.

His suspensions came during a time when the Chicago Public Schools system had one of the stiffest zero-tolerance discipline policies in the nation.

In some ways David fit the profile of the typical student racking up suspensions. He was black, male and a kid whose home life ached for stability. In other ways, he was atypical. He was an A student whose father, a Liberian immigrant, made him watch the "BBC World News" and "PBS NewsHour" every night and then write summaries of the day's events. He also worked at his father's carwash.

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