Illuminating the ed tech market for small- to medium-sized school systems

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Just as companies often struggle to create compelling solutions for small- to medium-sized businesses, so, too, do education technology companies often overlook the priorities and circumstances of small- to medium-sized public school systems.

The disconnect matters because 50% of the nation’s 48 million students attend approximately 3,700 small- to medium-sized school systems, which are increasingly looking to design blended-learning environments and harness technology to better serve their students.

This week, we at the Clayton Christensen Institute released a report by my colleague Julia Freeland and Alex Hernandez of the Charter School Growth Fund to help clarify the technology problems that these school systems are facing and their hopes for what the solutions might look like. The report, “Schools and Software: What’s Now and What’s Next,” illuminates these challenges across four areas: academic software, business and operations software, software and data integration, and IT management and hardware.

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