Incomplete Studies Partly to Blame for Transportation Problems in District 308

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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Oswego District 308 Board of Education will continue to work through transportation issues caused in part by what officials said Monday night was the lack of complete traffic studies that were to be done before the school year started.

The district reinstated buses for Wolf’s Crossing and Bednarcik students Monday due to safety concerns caused by a high traffic volume and other hazards along walking routes those students had been taking since school started Wednesday.

Superintendent Matthew Wendt said the district reinstated bus service to the schools after discovering commitments to changes that were to be made that would have ensured safe routes were never completed. Wendt said when the board voted in May to suspend bus service to the schools enough information hadn't been gathered.

“Parents had an understanding that the following (painted crosswalks, crossing guards) would occur so their son or daughter would be safe walking to school,” said Wendt.

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