Ind. School District Gets to Know its Changing Student Population

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Monday, November 21, 2011

Over the past decade, the student population that attends Lawrence (Ind.) Township Schools has changed rapidly. In 2000, white students represented 64 percent of the enrollment. Today, the district is 42 percent white, 38 percent black and 11 percent Hispanic.

That shift has not been without challenges. Lawrence is confronting an increasingly troubling reality that has prompted the district to take an introspective look at how it educates its students.

"What we have here is a racial achievement gap," Assistant

"We asked the question, 'Are our teaching methods keeping up?' "

To find the answer, the district asked the Indianapolis-based National Council on Educating Black Children for help.

The council advocates for greater academic rigor and improved instruction in high-minority schools, with the goal of better preparing children for life and work.

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