Indiana Considers First Schools Takeover

Monday, August 29, 2011

When the Indiana State Board of Education meets in Indianapolis Monday morning, it will decide the fate of five public schools slated for state takeover. It won?t be an easy decision, despite the fact that board members have discussed the matter for months.

And, according to one board member, the takeover is still not a done deal.

?There won?t be any rubber stamping,? Daniel Elsener told WBEZ Friday. ?Everybody on that board I served at, they are very, very thorough; they are very, very competent; and this is a very serious matter. There is no political, no religious, no race, no side agenda. The obligation to these children, that community and our state of Indiana ? that?s what this is all about.?

If the nine-member board signs off, the move will mark the state?s first-ever school takeover.

Board members are expected to hear State Superintendent Tony Bennett recommend that five academically poor-performing schools have management, and possibly many teachers, replaced by the state beginning next year. Teachers union contracts would be nullified as well.

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