Indianapolis Schools Requests Charter Probe

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Indianapolis Public Schools is taking aim at charter schools within its district borders, saying the schools have turned away homeless and disabled students.

IPS officials said Monday they are calling for an investigation into the charter schools.

IPS Superintendent Eugene White said in a letter to Tony Bennett, Indiana Superintendent of Public Instruction, that six students this school year returned to IPS because their charter schools would not meet their special education needs. Another five students, White says, were not served by their charter schools because they’re homeless.

White accuses the charter schools of enrolling students and then dumping them to nearby IPS schools after the state’s annual headcount day. That day’s enrollment number is used to calculate the amount of funding a school receives from the state. This school year, White said 72 students from charter schools returned to IPS since Sept. 19. Comparatively, 27 students left IPS for charter schools.

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