Indiana's Education Schools Make New Efforts to Better Teach Teachers

Friday, March 16, 2012

Armed with clipboard and pencil, John Somers, an associate professor of teacher education, watches over a group of sixth-graders and two teachers-in-training at an Indianapolis elementary school.

"A small concert hall has 98 seats and seven rows," one aspiring teacher from the University of Indianapolis tells the children. "How many seats are there per row?"

After a few moments, answers are shared. "I divided seven by 98," says one student, reversing the order of the equation. The teachers remain silent. Somers jots down several notes and steps into the hallway, mulling over the moment.

"I wish . . . that one of them would have said, 'That's interesting, tell me more,' " he says of the student teachers.

Somers debriefs lessons with all of his university trainees.

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