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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A conversation with Promethean’s Jim Marshall on where education technology has been—and where it is going.

“Kids today cannot go into a classroom and turn into a passive consumer; they are wired differently every other moment of the day.” Jim Marshall joined Promethean in 2011 as President of North American Markets. He has held a number of high-profile executive positions, including CEO at Agentis Software and Vice President of Apple’s U.S. Education Division. Marshall specializes in helping technology companies build and develop accomplished management, sales, marketing, professional services and channel teams.

Walk us through the evolution of educational technology.
I see that as we advance technologically, a lot of things have happened to our natural environment that have put pressure on the “factory line” approach we have taken to education. If you go back 130 years, there were various ages in one classroom. The teacher raised or lowered his or her instruction based on the individual child. This was possible because the group was small enough. When we moved to the factory model of splitting up students by age, we started teaching to the middle. Now we are going back to that “one room” method, but in a technology-enriched environment.

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