infosnap and Pearson Embed infosnap Online Registration Solutions Within PowerSchool

Monday, February 11, 2013

infosnap, inc., the largest provider of online registration solutions to K12 school districts that utilize Pearson’s PowerSchool student information system, announces its selection by Pearson to provide these services to the 130,000 student San Diego Unified School District.

To meet San Diego’s requirements, derived from California education law, infosnap will also be providing school choice functionality. To assist infosnap, Pearson is currently developing a plug-in customized for infosnap that will effectuate automated two-way data exchange between infosnap and PowerSchool. infosnap’s plug-in will be exclusively embedded in the PowerSchool software in an upcoming PowerSchool release, anticipated in the spring of 2013. This will enable both administrators and families to access infosnap services directly from their respective PowerSchool portals.

“As the largest provider of online registration solutions to PowerSchool users, we are always striving to innovate and improve our services and in particular, our integration with PowerSchool” said Lou Trotter, infosnap CEO. “The addition of school choice functionality, plus the support of the Pearson team to embed infosnap’s automated two-way data exchange in PowerSchool, will provide great benefits to our PowerSchool districts.”

“infosnap’s experience in implementing complex online registration and enrollment solutions and their ability to seamlessly integrate with a PowerSchool district of any size makes infosnap an excellent choice to work with us to ensure success for San Diego Unified School District,” said Oliver Wreford, Director of Business Development for Pearson K-12 Technology.