Innovative Technologies for Seamless Blended Learning Integration

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

As multiple devices with advanced computing and networking capacities are now prevailing in our lives, teachers and researchers are seeking new types of learning methods trying to integrate formal, informal and non-formal learning. These approaches provide the opportunity to expose everybody to learning occasions in a number of environments - tangible or virtual - where we can take advantage of these new technologies.

Looking at the wide set of new learning opportunities from the point of view of the professionals, the speed of change and the increased demand of flexibility in being able to build knowledge and to adapt themselves to new forms of collaboration and work, the capability of successfully exploiting the increasing variety and accessibility of learning occasions and resources, becomes a crucial issue.

Along with this, there is the ever-growing interest in the use of social media and applications to realize bottom-up, participative alternatives to the traditional teaching/learning approach.

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