International Reading Association Joins America’s Promise Alliance Grad Nation Campaign

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

With more than 60,000 members around the world, IRA is the leading authority on literacy and effective literacy instruction. The Association publishes leading research journals, holds a major annual conference, participates in volunteer professional development projects for teachers in developing countries, and disseminates critical literacy messaging through a variety of channels, including social media.

Founded in 1997 with General Colin Powell as its founding chair, America’s Promise is the nation’s largest partnership dedicated to improving the lives of children and youth. Its strong national network of more than 400 partners is comprised of organizations representing all sectors of American life. Through America’s Promise, these partners are working together to end the dropout crisis and see that more children and youth experience the Five Promises in their lives—Caring Adults, Safe Places, A Healthy Start, Effective Education, and Opportunities to Help Others.

“Ample research establishes that a higher level of student engagement in the learning process is the best strategy for reducing student dropout rates,” explained Marcie Craig Post, IRA’s Executive Director. “Our Association supports classroom teachers by providing them with instructional resources and strategies that drive student engagement across all subject areas. We are proud to join America’s Promise in meeting this crucial challenge.”

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