Iowa City School District Following Precautions to Prevent Student Exposure to Landfill Smoke

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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Iowa City (Iowa) School District is trying to work around the problem as the giant black plume of smoke still is lingering near some of its schools.

School administrators have been busy plume watching today, trying to gauge how to avoid the column of smoke still wafting up from the Iowa City Landfill fire.

According to a district press release, school administrators have been limiting outside activities whenever possible, eliminating outdoor activities completely whenever the smoke plume drifts toward a particular school building. The district is also recommending that children with asthma or breathing difficulties stay within the school even when the smoke plume is not nearby.

District superintendent Steve Murley sent a message to parents today assuring them that the district is in contact with the Johnson County Health Department and will react if the situation worsens.

"At this time we have been assured that our students and staff are safe and our schools remain open," Murley wrote.

City officials said that an air test sample taken Monday from Weber Elementary School, one of the schools closest to the landfill, that were similar to other air quality samples taken in the area, revealing no additional chemicals in the air than what is expected from a fire of this type.


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